Regarding the Contract of Sale, when the Victorian App was created the precedents were collaborated and collated with SAI who advised WCA that they conveyancers would need to obtain their own contract of sale from their LIV under licence as it is a licensed precedent.  As the app is unlocked, you or your Actionstep Partner will be able to upload and code any additional precedents you may require.

However, if you are an InfoTrack customer WorkCloud Applications has recently released a new integration with InfoTrack in the supported package which will bring a whole range of new efficiencies to using Actionstep and InfoTrack such as 

  • pre populates InfoTrack with data directly from the conveyancing app; and 
  • singular disbursement on your client's bill for InfoTrack charges (ie combined retailer and supplier fee).  

Whilst this is a brand new integration and is different from the existing InfoTrack integration with Actionstep it will still create the disbursement and return the search PDF as the current function does.   If this is something that you are interested in please contact Workcloud Support to have this set up for you.

One other thing to bear in mind regarding the Contracts of Sale you may want to use eCos via InfoTrack which will allow you to order, compile edit and sign your Section 32 and Contract of Sale electronically.  Here is a link for further information 

Hope this resolves your issues.